Seino Transportation Service


You can search for Seino Transportation Office here. * 1


It is a service that allows you to track your parcel from the slip number.


There is a delivery notification service from Seino Transportation.


Please check the website for details.

* 1 , Seino Super Express Co., Ltd. sales office does not handle large items, so you cannot select it.

Seino Transportation Large Delivery Service

・ All large items are shipped by Seino Transportation.
・ Delivery to your home or personal name is not possible.
・ Delivery is only to the office stop or corporation.
Current status of delivery of large items

Large products have one or two drivers, and because they are large trucks, we do not specialize in home delivery to residential areas. Shipping to private homes is refused because there are many redelivery and absences and lift loading and unloading and help are not possible.

Help reduce the burden

​We ask for your cooperation in reducing the burden on the delivery company, such as absence, prevention of redelivery, and assistance in loading and unloading.

If you wish to have a private delivery

If you do not have a Seino Transportation office nearby and wish to deliver at home, you can check the shipping fee from the shipping fee inquiry. Please contact us using the form below. The shipping fee is calculated based on the distance from the relay point or sales office.


Seino Transportation Office
​ If not nearby

Check the price to your home


Common post-purchase support

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A slip number will be issued and listed with an order status of 80% in the order history.

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If "I can't find the inquiry number you entered", we are preparing to ship.

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​We will guide you through the luggage tracking page of Seino Transportation. For inquiries, please contact each sales office.


Subject: Notification of order confirmation [Important] You will receive the transfer destination and order details [final email].


I can't find my inquiry number


Although the slip has been issued, it means that it has not been deposited in Seino yet because it is being prepared for shipping.

Within 3 days from the day of issuance of the slip, the shipping preparation period will be in progress. It will be updated to the latest status by searching after 18:00.