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How to use chat

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Click "chat" in the page

Please cooperate with inquiries from the chat form. Feel free to send us a message.

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Enter your message in the message send field at the bottom

Please leave a message even if you are leaving. I will reply to you via chat later.

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You can check the reply in the chat

If you use chat, please register this page as a favorite ★ and check the reply etc.

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New member registration

It is a membership registration system site. If you have not registered as a free member , please register.

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Post-shipment email

Only one email will be sent after your order. There is no transfer guidance / shipping guidance email. Click here for details


User Guide

Please check the usage guide before ordering.


Order status confirmation

Please check the purchase history for waiting for payment, confirmation of payment, preparation for shipping, and completion of shipping. Click here for details


Transaction system

Click here for payment, payment, shipping, after ordering, and order deadline .


Multiple purchases / large

There are some precautions when purchasing multiple items or large items. Click here for details



This is a notice of temporary measures and temporary closures. Click here for details .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yahoo auction exhibiting, physical confirmation, business hours, etc.Click here for details