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1. Started online assessment

At I Love Motor, 90% of the purchases are from general customers, and we carry out purchases such as Yahoo Auctions and over-the-counter purchases. In recent years, there have been more and more opportunities for customers to hear about damages and failures via the Internet. Is it possible to trade with a simpler and more accurate purchase price? We may ask you to consult with us. So I decided to start online assessment with my own form. For those who are worried about personal auctions and how much will it cost now? Users who are worried! Please try the online assessment of I Love Motor once.

2. Aim for a minimum valuation of 90%

There is an online assessment! Is that there is a range of assessed amounts. The online valuation amount is 10,000 to 50,000, and the actual valuation amount is free or 5,000 yen. If you make an assessment without detailed information, there is no choice but to have a wide range of assessment amounts. However, since users are using their smartphones a lot in recent years, you can easily take pictures and videos!

Therefore, at I Love Motor, we aim to present an assessment amount close to 90% by asking the user for the confirmation items that the purchaser actually saw the motorcycle and knowing the condition of the motorcycle in detail. I will. Even if there is a slight difference in the part you ask for yourself and there is a difference in price, we will pay within 10%! Therefore, users should take as many pictures as possible, and all the places they can take! I want you to take a video

3. It is an assessment amount limited to our carry-on

In the purchase of I Love Motor, we will inform you of the assessed amount on the assumption that you will bring it to our shop. The general public and traders are welcome. The expiration date of the assessed amount is within 14 business days including the carry-in date from the notification of the assessed amount. The price of a motorcycle can fluctuate depending on the time of year and various other circumstances, whether you buy or sell it. Therefore, the expiration date is set. It's okay to make an assessment as many times as you want to sell

4. When you come to purchase from our shop, we will deduct the collection fee from the assessed amount

e? !! Will you come to pick it up for free? !! Hi, we will mainly assess over-the-counter purchases, so we are sorry but we will charge a collection fee when you come to pick up. The collection fee varies depending on the area, but we will visit you free of charge from the location of our shop to 10km one way (date and time cannot be specified). There is, but where do you go directly? Only Kinki, Mie, Aichi and Shizuoka. (You cannot specify the date and time.) We can also tell you the clear collection fee. Please feel free to contact us as we can ask you at a cheaper price than usual if you match the joint flight that our shop goes to pick up!

5. If you bring it to a national depot, the shipping fee will be deducted from the assessed amount.

You can't take it to the store, but you can take it to the sales office (depot)! In that case, the charge between the depots that you can bring in from the depot to the Kyoto depot will be charged as the shipping fee from the assessed amount. We can offer the shipping fee at a slightly lower price than the general price, so please feel free to contact us for the price! Please search the national depot from this site.

6. Online assessment flow


The condition of the bike and the condition of the documents are easy to operate as you can select them in the form. Please check the price and consider whether to buy or not. I don't email or call as often as I do. To make a purchase request, please fill in the necessary information from the "purchase request form" and contact us. If you can contact us using the purchase request form, we are sorry to trouble you, but we have prepared an online purchase form, so please add a friend on the official LINE. Click here for information on adding official LINE friends.

7. Confirm that it is necessary

動画、movie用の再生ボタンのアイコン 5.png

It is necessary for both immovable vehicles and production vehicles. It is necessary to judge the state in more detail in the part that can not be taken in the picture or the zoomed state.

カメラの無料アイコン素材 6.png

It takes time, but please take 15 pictures after referring to the following shooting tips.

書類のアイコン素材 3.png

126cc or more needs to be confirmed at hand

Please select the contents of the document in the assessment form. Please have it ready. If you have a registration certificate of 125cc or less or a scrap car certificate, please prepare it. In case of loss, please check the lost column

車のバッテリーのアイコン素材 1.png

Be sure to check the body number and engine number. Please tell us as much as you can understand, such as the current state of the motorcycle and the state until a while ago. There are selection items on the assessment form, so please check and let us know the closer status.

There are many items to ask the user for self-service, but documents, body number, and engine number are important confirmation items when buying and selling vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation so that you do not miss it. It is not possible to purchase suspicious vehicles.


Tips on how to take bike photos and videos

You are going to put it up for auction and sell it now! The image is the best. This photo is a sample. Don't worry about the background. Please give me 15 sheets at the front door and storage.











Take a picture of the entire bike as seen from 360 °! First of all, it is BEST that you can know the confirmation of the car model, genuine, remodeling, failure part etc. from the whole picture



15 photos (required)

Next, let's take a rough picture of each part! It is best to have a photo of the meter, seat, engine, muffler, and suspension.

写真 2021-03-06 12 58 04.png

It is useful for assessment if there are any modifications, failures, scratches, cracks, etc. that are conspicuous, rust, aluminum corrosion or deterioration, rust, etc.

It is useful for assessment because you can clearly see if there are cracks, chips, repair marks, paint marks, touch paint, etc.











About motorcycle videos

In the motorcycle video, it is necessary in either case regardless of whether the engine is in production or immobility. Please take a picture so that you can look into the parts that could not be taken in the picture or in the zoomed state of each part! Depending on the model, rust and corrosion around the handlebar and engine, plating baldness and fading, paint marks, touch paint marks, oil bleeding and leakage, cracks and chips, cracks, etc. The amount is fixed. If there are too many drawbacks, it may be cheaper elsewhere, but we also sell used motorcycle parts, so it is possible to purchase even models and conditions that can not be priced elsewhere. .. Please shoot up to rust with confidence

Please make the video within about 2 minutes.

This video is a sample video. No processing is required to actually take a video of the motorcycle.


About body number

When buying or selling a vehicle, the car body number stamp, documents, and document contents must be the most important and accurate. Purchasing is a position where the user is on the seller side. Therefore, please check it carefully. If the frame number is scraped, non-regular stamped, unreadable, etc., it cannot be purchased. Please feel free to contact us even if it is difficult to judge the stamped state by yourself. Please contact us first as some items may be available for purchase.


You can check the body number of the motorcycle unlike the car. The engraved part differs depending on the manufacturer and model. If you don't know the location, please feel free to contact us by chat.

Location of body number

Unlike cars, the body number of a motorcycle can be confirmed by anyone. The location of the stamp varies depending on the manufacturer and model. If you don't know the location, please feel free to contact us via chat.


Location of engine number

You can check the body number of the motorcycle unlike the car. The engraved part differs depending on the manufacturer and model. If you don't know the location, please feel free to contact us by chat.


If you can confirm it, let's assess it in STEP2!

If you have any questions in STEP1, please feel free to contact us via chat. After confirming the car body number / engine number and preparing the documents, please proceed to the STEP2 assessment form. Attach photos and videos in the form, and the details and condition of the bike are selection items, so please select the one that suits you and proceed.


About online assessment & purchase request form

There are many items to be checked by the user, but in the actual purchase, the assessor checks all such items. Therefore, depending on the vendor, a fee may be incurred when the current car is confirmed. In some cases, the valuation fee is deducted from the valuation amount. At our company, we are aiming to be able to trade at the original vehicle purchase price as much as we ask the user for confirmation items, so please try it once!


See the explanation and preparation of the assessment

Please attach 15 photos and a video within 2 minutes in the form. It is essential to confirm the vehicle number in advance, so please see here for details.


Start assessment

Assessment is very easy. As for the condition and documents of the bike, it is a selection method, so just select it! Please enter only what you are interested in or noticed.


Apply for purchase request

Please also register as a LINE friend. Please see here for the explanation. After confirming the purchase request form, we will contact you via LINE.