All are second hand

Basically no complaints and no returns

Please check the products we handle.

I received a part that is completely different from the part I ordered. Isn't it a shipping mistake?

It was in an unusable state

​It is judged that it cannot be used even if it is corrected. So I want to return it.

Probably damaged during shipping

When opened, it seems to be damaged during shipping, an accident, or unusable, so I would like to return it.

Very different from the explanation

It was explained that there was no crack, but when it arrived, there was a big crack. I would like to return or discount.

There is nothing in the photo

The photo shows left and right, but only the right one arrived. I think it's a shipping mistake.

I want you to discount

I received it, but for some reason there was a big difference from the photo, I want you to discount a little.

We accept product returns and refunds.


Please check the product immediately after it arrives.


The product has passed 14 days later after the arrival to the product
We cannot respond in any case.

We will not pay any money such as wages and nuisance fees associated with installation and confirmation other than the purchased product and shipping fee.

Please do not process it before returning it.

Please be patient within 3 business days after the order confirmation date, so we will contact you regarding cancellations and returns.

Please check "About the products we handle". There are consumables and other non-returnable items and conditions.

  • If you wish to cancel due to an incorrect order, please contact us using the form.

  • If you would like to return the item you received, please contact us using the form.