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First of all

Please know the products we handle. Since it is a used product, there are various precautions.

Know the products we handle

All the products we handle are used parts. Therefore, there are many precautions.

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All products are 2% off. You can see the purchase history and order status from My Page.




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  • Member registration method

  • How to read my page

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Purchase history

  • My page purchase history

  • Email after ordering

  • How to read the order status status

Multiple purchases

  • Precautions when purchasing multiple

  • ​ About recalculation email

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  • Notice of available dates

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  • store information

  • ​ Measures against new coronavirus

Large items

  • How to identify and ship large items

  • Seino Transportation Office Search

  • Cannot be delivered to private homes and cannot be bundled

  • How to specify the sales office when ordering

​Reception time

  • Parts reception time​

​Yamato Transport

  • Find a sales office

  • ​ Luggage tracking

  • ​ About slip number unregistered

Seino Transportation

  • Find a sales office

  • ​ Luggage tracking

  • ​ About slip number unregistered


​Please contact us from each form or chat. Please cooperate with inquiries from the net


Please check the temporary holidays and other notices. About handing over during an emergency declaration, etc.


Please cooperate with online inquiries

At our company, we changed the business system due to the corona virus. Therefore, there are no personnel specializing in telephone support. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please cooperate with inquiries from the Internet. If you have any questions after ordering, please use My Page, and if you want to return the item after it arrives, please use the form.

​We will reply to you within 2 days from the day of the business day. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

​Information calendar


Temporary notice

New coronavirus

To prevent the spread of infection

As a unique anti-virus measure against the new coronavirus, we are reducing operations other than shipping operations and limiting the number of people in order to ensure the safety of employees and deliver the ordered products safely. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but please cooperate with online inquiries.



​Response during a state of emergency

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will not hand over parts during the state of emergency. Please change to shipping or visit us after canceling the declaration. If there is a change in the response due to the future situation, we will inform you on this page.


Request when visiting

​Please wear a mask when you come to the store. Disinfection is also installed at the entrance.


​Emergency response

As a countermeasure against natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains, and earthquakes, we will change the business system and respond if it is predicted from the forecast etc. and it is judged that there is even a little danger. Even if it is a regular business day on weekdays, it may be a temporary holiday.

Since the products are stored in each warehouse, we will make a judgment based on the traffic conditions. Please note that some parts may not be shipped. In that case, we will inform you on this page. After ordering, we will notify you by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.