about shipping cost

about shipping cost


A shipping table is listed at the bottom of each product page. please confirm. It will be the shipping fee for prepaid shipping of Yamato Transport and Seino Transportation.

About the difference in shipping fee


Due to the different fare regulations at the time of product description, some products have different shipping costs. Please refrain from asking questions as it will not change regardless of whether the shipping cost is low or high for this product.


Click here for unregistered slip number

How to pick up


Seino Transportation

Large items are shipped by Seino Transportation

Please see below for information on Seino Transportation. See also the notice regarding the slip number.


Yamato Transport

Regular product

Please check the information about Yamato Transport from the following, and also see the notice about the slip number.

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Handing over after ordering

You can pick up the ordered product at the store. We will inform you of the available date by e-mail.