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Request when purchasing multiple

Please wait for the transfer after ordering


​Please note that the shipping fee will not be refunded if there is a transfer before the recalculation email.

I will email you the payment amount


Be sure to send an email after recalculation. We will send you an email even if there is no change in the shipping fee.

Recalculate the payment amount


We will check whether the product can be bundled and the size. In some cases, we may not be able to meet your request for bundling.

Transfer within 5 days


The payment due date is within 5 days from the arrival date of the recalculation email. It will be canceled when it has passed.


Recalculate and send email

In case of multiple purchases, a total of 2 emails will be sent.

​Please wait for the transfer until the second one arrives

  1. We will always send two emails to customers who purchase multiple items.

  2. 2nd subject: I Love Motor [Notice of order confirmation] [Bundled shipping / Amount correction].

  3. Please check the order details in the email and transfer the total amount of the order.

  4. Please be patient as we will send you an email regardless of whether the shipping fee has changed.


Common post-purchase support


I don't know the transfer destination

It is described in the email sent after ordering. Click here if you don't know

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It will be shipped by Seino Transportation. We can only ship to business offices or corporations.

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