Yamato Transport Service


You can search the Yamato Transport Office here.


It is a service that allows you to track your parcel from the slip number.


Convenient for Kuroneko Members such as changing the date and time of receipt


Please check the website for details.


Slip number not registered


Although the slip has been issued, it means that it has not been deposited with Yamato Transport because it is being prepared for shipping.

Within 3 days from the day of issuance of the slip, the shipping preparation period will be in progress. It will be updated to the latest status by searching after 18:00.

Common post-purchase support

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A slip number will be issued and listed with an order status of 80% in the order history.

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If "Slip number is not registered", shipping is being prepared. Please change the date and update after 18:00.

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​We will guide you through the Yamato Transport baggage tracking page. For inquiries, please contact each sales office.


Subject: Notification of order confirmation [Important] You will receive the transfer destination and order details [final email].