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Please check the product classification items.

Only business offices can be closed or deliveries to corporations are possible.

Large items cannot be bundled.

Please search for a sales office from the Seino Transportation website.

Please be sure to enter the "Sales Office Name" in the request field of the order confirmation screen.

You can check the shipping fee individually. Please contact us from the form. Here

Common post-purchase support

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A slip number will be issued and listed with an order status of 80% in the order history.

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If "I can't find the inquiry number you entered", we are preparing to ship.

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​We will guide you through the luggage tracking page of Seino Transportation. For inquiries, please contact each sales office.


Subject: Notification of order confirmation [Important] You will receive the transfer destination and order details [final email].

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 The frame engine is a large product. In addition, covers such as big scooters, moldings, met-in boxes, etc., depending on the model, mufflers, seats, cowls, etc. are also large products. For the classification, please check the product classification on each product detail page. 

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The frame is a skeleton, but when it is shipped, it is wrapped and packed. Since it is packed in cardboard, newspaper, and petite, it will be about 4 cm to 6 cm larger than the actual size. Large products are calculated by volume, so in the case of a frame, the volume will differ regardless of the displacement. Therefore, there are many products with a packing size of 14 years old even with a 50cc frame. Isn't the shipping cost too high? You may be wondering, but we are showing the shipping fee by volume calculation, so please understand.

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​The engine is packed in a wooden frame and shipped. Due to the shipping regulations with Seino Transportation, it is not possible to ship the engine alone or by simple packaging. Although the volume is small, the weight of the wood is about 2 to 4 kg in addition to the weight of the engine alone. Although it is shipped to corporations, please help with unloading as much as possible. If you cannot receive the item due to a change in business day or a temporary holiday, please contact the nearest sales office in advance. Please be sure to mention the slip number when contacting the sales office.


Seino Transportation Service


Click here to search for Seino Transportation Office . * 1


It is a service that allows you to track your parcel from the slip number. Here


There is a delivery notification service from Seino Transportation. Here


For more information WEB site please confirm.

* 1 , Seino Super Express Co., Ltd. sales office does not handle large items, so you cannot select it.

Seino Transportation Large Delivery Service

・ All large items are shipped by Seino Transportation.
・ Delivery to your home or personal name is not possible.
・ Delivery is only to the office stop or corporation.
Current status of delivery of large items

Large products have one or two drivers, and because they are large trucks, we do not specialize in home delivery to residential areas. Shipping to private homes is refused because there are many redelivery and absences and lift loading and unloading and help are not possible.

Help reduce the burden

​We ask for your cooperation in reducing the burden on the delivery company, such as absence, prevention of redelivery, and assistance in loading and unloading.

If you wish to have a private delivery

If you do not have a Seino Transportation office nearby and wish to deliver at home, you can check the shipping fee from the shipping fee inquiry. Please contact us using the form below. The shipping fee is calculated based on the distance from the relay point or sales office.


About bundling large items

Frame, engine, wheel, muffler, swing arm, front fork, suspension, tank, meter, seat, cowl, covers, BOX, etc.

Cannot be bundled

Some products are not included in the package based on their size, weight, durability, deterioration, and cases. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request even if you request it to be included.

Large items and small items can be bundled, but some items cannot be accepted.


Where do you specify the sales office when ordering?

Confirmation screen of order details → Please enter "Sales office" in the request field


Confirm your order

STEP3, Confirmation of order detailspage 


Enter in the request field

If you wish to stop the sales office, please enter the name of the sales office in the request field. 


Other common support

You will receive one immediately after ordering. There is only one email from us. Please check the purchase history after ordering.

I want to check the purchase history

After logging in, there is a menu in My Page. You can also check the order status. For more details, click here from

I want to know the slip number

Please check the status status from the purchase history. Issued with a status of 60%. Click here for details

Where can I find the transfer destination?

It is described in the email sent after ordering. If the mail is not known here. Please check from.

When will it be shipped?

Please check the status status from the purchase history. Status 80% is in preparation.

How long is the preparation for shipping?

​After confirming the transfer, we will try to ship within 1 to 3 business days.


Seino Transportation Office
​ If not nearby

Check the price to your home

Shipping fee is before ordering
​ Please be sure to check

Seino Transportation's shipping charges may vary depending on the time and circumstances. If you plan to purchase a large item and wish to have it delivered to your home, please be sure to check the shipping fee in advance.

The shipping period is valid
​ 7 days

Shipping charges before 7 days do not apply. We will send you a recalculation email after your order. Please check the total amount of the recalculation email and transfer.

Home shipping notes

After confirming the order
​ Change the amount to home shipping

Until the second email arrives
​ Please wait for the transfer

Large items Search for shipping to your home
Example: Kumiyama Town, Kuse District, Kyoto Prefecture
Please enter either the product code or the URL of the product page

We will contact you by chat or email later about the shipping fee. Please wait a moment now